Hilya Kuk Wood and Camel Accents Tasbih


MaterialOudwood (Aetoxylon sympetalum)
Number of Beads: 99
Bead Size: 10mm
Bead Shape: round

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A close relative of the famous agarwood known for its fragrance as incense and essential oil,  these beads have a pronounced sweet woodiness that brings to mind some of the finest Oud oils.

Unique material that is becoming ever harder to  source and even rarer to get access to in the wild. Get it while you can -especially at  this size and unmatched quality. Limited quantity available.

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Hilya Kuk wood tasbih have a natural feel, beautiful colour that changes over time with use and sturdy quality that lends a specialness not found in other materials.

Each Hilya tasbih is unique due to the natural materials* used and we hope it will be even more unique and personal to you with your constant use, attachment and companionship over the years!

Tasbih specification:

100 beads: 2 x 33, 1 x 34 beads
2 counters of 10 beads allowing you count up to 2000
1 movable marker

approx bead size: 8x7mm

Fairtrade – Hilya Tasbih are handmade by in family run workshops. we try our best to conduct fair trade by giving craftsmen and their families vital support in trade and assistance.

*please note as best as we try to make sure each tasbih is uniform and in keeping with the description provided there are situations due to the natural materials used slight colour and texture differences in each tasbih supplied.

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