Grande Kuk Maghribi Tasbih 99 Beads – (14mm) –

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The largest Kuk (Coquilla) nuts were put aside to use in making these formidable misbahas.

Measuring around 7 x 14mm, Maghribi Disc beads are made from Genuine Coquilla nut (kuk)

The Maghribi range has full, wheel-shaped disc beads. We have experimented with the geometry of the disc shape and this one seems to be the best yet. The beads almost flow through your fingers by themselves! These are strung in the classic style with 99 beads. Ten-bead top counter for keeping track of invocations. 

Perfect for your everyday adhkar! This tasbih is made to enhance your dhikr and is perfectly suited for all to use.

Made by master craftsman at Uns, a well established fine arts and most reputable organisation specialising in woodwork.

This is a 100% natural product therefore the shades of each tasbih may vary slightly..


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