The Perfect Family – Virtues of the Ahl Al-Bayt


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This is a unique work in English which mentions the virtues of the Prophetic Household – the Ahl Al-Bayt – through the eyes of leading traditional Sunni hadith scholars.

Selections were made from the writings of only the best and most widely respected of hadith scholars, they are:

  • Imam Bukhari,
  • Imam Muslim,
  • Imam Nasa’i,
  • Ibn Shahin,
  • Imam Nawawi,
  • Hafidh Ibn Kathir,
  • Imam Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani and
  • Imam al-Suyuti.

The book includes an outstanding Foreword by Dr Mostafa al-Badawi about the importance of the Ahl al-Bayt.

A monumental collection of works from the leading traditional Sunni hadith scholars on the virtues and distinctions of the Ahl al-Bayt ; The Blessed & Pure Household, may Allah bless them and grant them peace, of the Prophet, may Allah shower His Mercy upon him and give him peace.

  • Imam al-Suyuti’s Ihya al-Mayt bi-Fada’il Ahl al-Bayt ‘Reviving the Dead: the Virtues of the Prophetic Household,’
  • Ibn Shahin’s Fada’il Fatima,
  • Imam al-Suyuti’s The Radiant Smile – On the Virtues of Our Lady Fatima,
  • Imam an-Nasa’i’s Khasa’is Imam ‘Ali : ‘The Unique Distinctions of ‘Ali,’
  • The Chapters on Fada’il and Manaqib of Ahl al-Bayt from Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim with the commentaries of Imam al-Nawawi and Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalani.

The book is split into Six parts :

Part One includes a Foreword by Dr Mostafa al-Badawi, looks briefly at the different sectarian attitudes towards the Prophetic Household, it also defines certain key terms using the classical Arabic dictionary Lisan al-Arab. This is followed by a look at the mention of the Ahl al-Bayt in Qur’an and also focuses on the famous hadith of the Cloak – Hadith Ahl al-Kisa. The section concludes by looking at the Sahaba making tawassul through the Ahl al-Bayt.

Part Two starts by giving a brief biography of the hadith scholars whose works have been used in this book and also includes Imam al-Suyuti’s first risala ‘Reviving the Dead: The Virtues of the Prophetic Household.’ The concluding section of this part looks at the chapter on the relatives of the Prophet from Sahih al-Bukhari with the commentary of Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani, some poetry about the Ahl al-Bayt by Imam al-Shafi’

Part Three is dedicated to the virtues of the Prophet’s daughter the Lady Fatima and includes the translations of two risala’s the first by Imam al-Suyuti and the second by Ibn Shahin. Further the chapters are taken from the Sahihs of Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim with their respective commentaries.

Part Four looks at the virtues of ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib starts with a brief biography and includes the complete translation of Imam al-Nasa’i’s The Unique Distinctions of Imam Ali (‘Khasa’is Imam Ali’). Further the chapters are taken from the Sahihs of Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim with their respective commentaries.

Part Five is dedicated to Imams Hasan and Husayn taking the chapters from the Sahihs of Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim with their respective commentaries.

Part Six looks at the virtues of the awaited Imam al-Mahdi, who be from the Ahl al-Bayt and will fill the world with justice and peace.

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