Green Hilya Habwa – Floor Seating Back Support


Anas bin Maalik رضي الله عنه narrates that from all the different types of clothing, the Prophet ﷺ liked a Yemeni shawl the most. It was of several colours
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Hilya Habwa is a clever method for back support. It uses one’s own body weight to counter balance the back to leg position – saving you from back pain, leg fatigue and pins & needs in your feet. Perfect use for sitting on the floor at gatherings and even for self study at home. These are highly sought after Habwa with the Na’al motif and can be seen being used by the Habaib of Yemen.
One size fits most adults, however, there are some size choices for those of the smaller body size (M) and those with larger size requirements (XL).
This item is very versatile and a perfect companion for you at any floor seated event or even self study at home.
Available colours: Green, Black, Brown, blue, red, white
  • M 175cm x 10cm
  • L 185 cm x 10cm
  • XL

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Green, White, Grey, Brown/ Maroon, Black


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